Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Het alpenjagerslied

Just like in the poem from the expressionist and dadaïst poet, Paul van Ostaaijen, the two men on the picture walk on the road. Paul van Ostaaijen lived from 22 February 1896 – 18 March 1928. Born in Antwerp a beautiful town in  Belgium. The gentlemen are decending and climbing the street.

Read the poem
The Alpe hunters song ( het alpenjagers lied)

A gentleman crossing the street descends
  a gentleman who climbs the street
  two gentlemen who are descending and climbing
  that is the one descents
  and the other gentleman climbs
  just before the shop Hinderickx and Winderickx
  just before the shop Hinderickx and Winderickx the famous hatters
  they meet
  one gentleman takes his hat in his right hand
  the other gentleman takes his hat in his left hand
  then the one and the other gentleman
  the right and the left, the ascending and descending
  the right going down
  the left that climbs
  then go two men
  each with its own top hat his own top hat
  past each other
  just before the door
  of the store
  of Hinderickx and Winderickx
  the famous hatters
  then put two men
  the right and the left, the ascending and descending
  Once past together
  their top hats back on the head
  you understand me well
  each puts his hat on his own head
  that is their right
  that the right of these two gentlemen

I hope you enjoyed the funny poem. And i hope my translation is not too bad.

Tjip wears two different outfits from the menstuff hunt. The beige suit comes with the hat. It is an outfit from Tres Beau. The grey outfit i combined with a free hat from Gabriel and a dollarbie gift denime shirt from Gabriel. The man in beige wears free shoes from Gabriel as well as the man in grey. He wears boots from Gabriel.

Beige suit: Tres Beau - Menstuff Hunt Gift #11 - Tres Beau ( free)
Grey outfit: 69 Park Ave -  Menstuff Hunt - 69 Park Ave ~ Black Sands ( free)
Hair: Dura and Amacci;  Balck hat and shoes and white shirt - Gabriel ( free)

Bye bye, Nic

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