Tuesday, August 27, 2013

she caught a seahorse

A bit silly. I didn't want make pictures of Nic posing in an environment ( Although it is super at this place). So i took my seahorse from my inventory to let them pose together. My beloved seahorse from my beginning in sl. I loved to see that  tiny animal swirling around my head. I confess in the beginning of my sl i liked light effects, shoulder pets and cute creatures swirling around my  head. This one was the first i got. I also loved my very tiny halloween witch on a broom going around my head.
But that is the past.
Now Nic is a blog model and has to be fashionable. ;). There are so many hunts going on. Today i did the hunt at FLG, the second years anniversary mini hunt. You have to search for 8 small boxes. Inside and ouside the building. Nic's flowery pants and the black blouse are from that hunt. You can get a notecard in the shop with tips where you can find the presents.

Pants: FLG - 01 - FLG Mini Hunt my favorite jeans - roses ( free)
Blouse: FLG - 06 - FLG Mini Hunt Carmen Blouse black ( free)
Hair: LoQ - "LoQ Hair" Sherry Red Pack (NEW)
Pictures made at: Les Reves ( need to pay group fee to access the beach)

Bye bye, Nic

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