Wednesday, August 21, 2013

a sweet girl in grey

A quick post to show some grey clothes. Grey can be very stylish through simplicity. Or it can be casual and cosy. To begin with the dress a promo on marketplace. I love the lace texture on the sides of the dress. You get all with bracelets, necklace,glasses, high pumps and the floppy hat. The warm knitted long sweater or sweater dress is from the Enmeshed Into Fall hunt from Wicked Sin Creations.The grey tshirt is from the same hunt from NaKEd. Search a golden leaf.

Promo dress: Rose Marine - R@SE^__^M@RINE  WRONG WONDERLAND Promo ( 55ld)
Grey knitted sweater dress: WSC - enMESHed Into Fall ^Wicked Sin Creations^ ( free)
Grey t-shirt: NaKEd - NaKEd - enMESHed Fall (Ladies)( free)
Skirt: Epic Style - EpicMiniskirt August ( free)
From inventory: Hair - Dela; bag - ISON
Bye bye, Nic

Pictures made at: Birdy Skins Mainstore at the sim: Manet

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