Friday, August 9, 2013

i warned you

I warned you. Don't smoke a cigarette on the edge of the castle wall.
Tjip wears a shirt from the Summers Hotter Then Hell hunt. That hunt doesn't run anymore but in the Hawker's House shop you can still pick up the orange star hunt item.(in the shoe part of the shop you can find the hunt item) Every size of the shirt comes with a different pattern. This is the L size. In the packet is also a female gift , a bikini.
Below the menstuff hunt gift from Hawker's House: the denim jacket with the rolling stones Tshirt. Tjip looks like an old rocker in this. It is possible to wear the jacket without the t-shirt. The dog tag necklace is included. The boots are from Bootgasm, the mensstuff hunt gift.

Shirt first pictures: Hawker's House - Gentleman Jack Men's Mesh UpBeat Tee Old Glory SHTH #74( free)
Brown shorts and shoes: Shadow Moon -Mensstuff hunt gift # 68Retro Summer ( free)
Denim jack with tee: Hawkers House - Menstuff Hunt Gift #12 - HAWKER'S HOUSE ( free)
Boots: Bootgasm - Bootgasm Construction Men's Biker Boots Brown Menshunt gift #74 ( free)

Bye bye, Nic

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