Thursday, August 8, 2013


Nic wants a tattoo. A bit frightened she is sitting in the chair. She wears a new release from Grasp. The leopard shirt. For men and women. The head ( with short hair also for men and women) is the new groupgift from grasp. I am already long time a fan from  grasp. Very good are the details and the style is a bit tough. I am happy to see that Asalt Eames send a groupgift. Long time it was a bit silent in the shop. For the occassion Nic wears an old grasp groupgift ring. Many old groupgifts you still can get in the shop. The grasp necklace is  from longtime ago from a lucky board. I combined the hat with short hair with a same sort of red hair from Dela. So now it was possible to wear the cute cap with long hair.

Important to know that because of the 4th anniversary from grasp there are two sets on sale for limited time ( from 2 august- 11august).

Cap: Grasp - +grasp+/ Leopard studded cap ( NEW/ free/ groupjoin 50ld)
Shirt: Grasp - +grasp+/Patch shirts(LQ)/BlackLeopard/Womens (NEW)
Tattoo - Little pricks ( free)
From inventory: Boots- J's; Top- Jane; Hair - Dela; Pants- chronokit; earring- Mandala

Are you curious what Nic's Tattoo will be? She got one from a camp chair at Little Pricks.  You can choose for what you want sit several minutes to get your gift.

Bye bye, Nic

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