Monday, August 5, 2013

a ruin

Tjip on tour near a ruin.  The broken window of this church is beautiful. Tjips shows you nice clothes found by Ukyo for me. Yesterday we had a long session in which he showed me all. Good hunter you are Ukyo. I picked up what i liked.....sorry i have to say what WE liked. And Ukyo was curious to see my combinations. I couldn't find all what he showed, so there comes more when i can go with him.
Some clothes are from the menstuff hunt that is running at the moment. Started the second of august and will end  first of september. So plenty of time to find what we like. Some clothes are from the lounge from the menstuff group at Gizzas Creations II. You need to be in the menstuff group . Join 50ld. But lots of presents there. and very worthwhile.
For the necklace, click a tiny guitar in the shop. The hunt item for the blue hoodie you can find in a corner high in the mesh part of the shop.
I added the set with the navy sweater from Rispetto design. Shorts from Rispetto Design the gift at the lounge from Mestuff. The teal lafers are from Loordes of London. Search for the hunt item in the back of the shop.It is from the menstuff hunt. Under the sweater is the collar from the dark blue denim shirt ( gift from Gabriel)

Chucks: G&D at GCII - G&D Sneakers Gerry Gift Man ( free)
Blue vest  on first pictures: [I][I][M]  at GCII - MENstuff Gift [I][I][M] -InfinityInsanityMoments ( free)
Light jeans: Supernerd -Menstuff Hunt Gift #112 - SUPERNERD (free)
Necklace: G&D - Rock &Roll necklace ( free)
Blue hoodie last pictures: Coded - Menstuff Hunt Gift #59 - ..:: CODED ::.. ( free)
Lime shorts: Rispetto Designat GCII - MENstuff Gift by [Rispetto Designs]
Loafers: Loordes of London - LOORDES OF LONDON-TATE LOAFER-TEAL ( free)
From inventory: Navy shirt: Rispetto design - Rispetto Designs - Nevoso MESH Sweater - Navy (old)
Pictures made at : sim : Isle of Tharen

At last a picture of a very funny group that suddenly stood around tjip in his sandbox. The leader Vent said hi to tjip because tjip said hi. Vent: "hi chinese fred" ( i think he ment friend). Then to the group he said: "EVERYONE GROUP PICTURE WITH CHINESE FRED. And there they  gathered around tjip. Tjip was totally flabbergasted.
Bled (omlut): whos taking the pics. Cheeki Breeki (cerinis.decosta): ill take. Vent (gyronexus): just took one. Professor Genki's Parrot: Hasta la vista, baby. Cheeki Breeki (cerinis.decosta): get in line erryone.: like up either side of fred. Nori Ovis: I'm sitting on your fat tail ◕‿◕ TETSU YOU ARE RUINING IT. That's fine. GET UR ASS OVER HERE. Rahfnek (lupin.sinister): I got a nice pic, but DIZZY RUINED  IT by being edgy.
They talked and talked and where so friendly and funny.

Bye bye, Nic

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