Thursday, August 22, 2013


Dancer posed for me with costumes that she found at hunts.The Burlesque vs Steampunk hunt and the Pirate hunt.For the Burlesque vs Steampunk vs you need find this object.
In the packet is a costume for male and female. The hunt runs from August 10th till September 10th 2013.
The Pirate Hunt 3 runs from August the first till August 31th 2013.Look for a pirate treasure chest.
On the second picture Dancer was dancing. The dance is from the Mensstuff hunt at Humanoid. Look for the sculpted shirt. I love the skin from Dancer. Go to the shop, at the entrance you can join the group. Then get the lm to the VIP room. In the VIP room you can get the skin from August. Old groupgifts will be sended to you at random. So stay in the group when you want them all.

Red outfit with jacket: Cog & Fleur - C&F Burlesque Master of Ceremonies (Female)BURLESQUE vs. STEAMPUNK Hunt - # 38 (1L$)
Pirate wench outfit: CERO STYLE - Skull-N-Bones: The Pirate Hunt 3 - #15
Dance: Humanoid -  Menstuff Hunt Gift #5 - HUMANOID ( free)
Skin: skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins August GroupGift ( free)
From Dancers inventory: Earrings - Nana; Hair - Dura
Pictures made at : Horizon Dream

Bye bye, Nic and thanks to Dancer again.

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