Saturday, October 3, 2009

Survival Of The Fashion Show !!

Oh don't worry you're in the right place...i'm just playing a guest starring role in the tv series that is this blog (aka i'll make some contribution but won't be on too long XP)

Anyways If you hadn't guessed by the title I went to a fashion first SL fashion show since birth. It was a fashion show located at the Eclectic Visions Modeling Agency and it showcased the work of one talented Agnus Finney, who has a "Agnus Finney --To My Precious" Group that you should definitely check out.
First after rezzing for about 10 minutes I was greeted kindly by the EV models, and then the show began right on the dot at 6pm.
The jist of it was beautiful models wearing beautifully made dresses sidling down the runway and to our seats (so we could get a closer look)..and it was..well you guessed it AMAZING. ~You thought I was going to say beautiful didn't you tsk tsk~

I took a few photos while there
~Butterfly Queen Dress made By Agnus Finney worn by ..An E.V Model~

But Just when i wanted to take more i crashed :( & came back to this

Can you tell what it is..if you can i bet your a genius at impossible math

Theyd given us a gift right before the show started and at the end we all (me partially still rezzing) put on our glow sticks and danced to michael jackson's "thriller"..I know i know its unbelievable and awesome at the same time ^_^

Oh no it seems my time is up, so my last line shall be "Beauty is a hole in your pocket but what a lovely hole it is.."
And I steal the show with this last last line "Agnus Finney you make me want to be a dressaholic"
Toodlez :]

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