Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Porcelain Doll

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Ever since my first rezzday I've been a redhead like I am rl. Recently however my choice of red colors has softened a bit, to a more copper blonde tint instead of the more scarlet colors. I absolutely loved 69's new releases, and especially Glow 10. The copper pack gave me the perfect color to suit my mood.

Then I tried the Cupcakes groupgift skin "Daydream" with it and I loved the hair and skin combined together to an almost porcelain doll kind of look. Daydream is in my opinion the nicest skin Cupcakes has ever released. The previous skins always had some minor details that just didn't do it for me, but Daydream has none of those. I love the translucent delicate shine the skin has, giving the face a fragile look.

I kept my look simple with a basic long tee from fri.day and a layerbelt from +Plus. The Fishy Strawberry brown treggings and the Decoy cocoa boots keep to the color scheme and complete my doll look. Hope you like!

Kus Nere

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