Sunday, October 11, 2009

Attack of the Giant Avatars!

I did the Halloween Trick or Treat Hunt last night. I'm going to blog the goodies from that next. As I was going through some of the wonderful finds, I put on these cute high tops which caused me to pause - why o why does not everything in sl contain resize scripts? I in absolutely no way mean to pick on this designer in particular. In actuality, it happens to me quite often that things are made incredibly huge (or small) and then do not contain resize scripts. To this designers credit, the shoes are modify so I was able to add the scripts myself and adjust them to fit me. Not everyone has the scripts though and many, many (many) times I've bought or received an item that was enormous and then no modify. That's the most frustrating thing because (I have no choice) straight into the bin it goes. I totally get the no modify thing. Designers are trying to protect their work. I totally understand. It seems to be (in my very humble opinion) a much better solution would be add resize scripts to your items and then set them as no modify. If you would like a copy of the resize scripts and directions (that are simple enough even Karina Larkham can do it) please im me in world and I'll be happy to give you a copy.
Shoe on the left is straight from the box. The right one is after I added resize scripts and adjusted (der). These possibly could have been worn straight away for a man I'm not sure if they were meant for guys but I'm wearing them anyways.

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