Friday, October 16, 2009

Crazy Clothes

Sometimes I stumble into a store and I wonder how come I've never heard of it before. Not that I'm a walking encyclopedia like Karina seems to think, but I usually am pretty up to date with most stores around the grid. Finding Crazy Clothes was definitely a nice surprise for me. Not only are the items of good quality, the pricing is extremely nice to your linden balance as well. I've bought five different outfits at Crazy Clothes and I still have some lindens left!

Sonic & Calla

And omg, there are so many outfits to choose from! Crazy Clothes doesn't sell separates, but outfits as a whole. The styles vary from casual to neko to camo to sweet and I'm sure there is something available for everyone's liking. I didn't do much mixing and matching for this post, but every clothing comes in enough layers to mix with other items you might have in your inventory.

The Sonic outfit comes with the jacket, shirt, scarf ánd pants. The Calla outfit is a minidress, but I loved to wear it as a corset. The leggings aren't a part of the outfit, but from Maiiki. You can also wear it without the lacy top underneath.

Sang, Sweet & Leire

The Sang and Sweet outfit both come with all the items you see in the pic, but the sexy Leire shirt I'm wearing with the jeans from the Sonic outfit. You get Leire in three colors, red, grey and green.

Go check out Crazy Clothes! I'm sure you will happily spend a few lindens there...

Kus Nere

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