Friday, October 2, 2009

Everyone loves a sale..& Newness!

So I got a NC from Apple May about selective items being on sale for a limited time, and picked up this cute cowgirlish outfit...

  1. AMD-Starlight - Dirty 75L
  2. FS-Skin- join the grp
  3. Waffles!- Hair, Sayuri (browns)
  4. *YS&YS*-Shoes, Sandals Illetes SandStorm
Then I ran over to Tart and they are also having a sale (75% off) on all pink items (for breast cancer) and this is what I picked up...I LOVE pink, and you should too!

  1. (start on left)
  2. Tart -Dress,betty - pink
  3. On the Catwalk-skin, not released
  4. HCT-Hair,Platinum+Syann
  1. TART- angie -pinks
  2. TART brittany - pink
  3. TART carrie dress - pink
  4. TART trixie - blush
I was talking to Tyr today from Tyranny about hunts and she dropped these adorable fall tops on me! They won't be available until tomm, make sure to stop by:)

  1. hair
  2. Tyranny-Top, I can has the rumplies & Boots (right) Top, As the crow flies
  3. Chikka-Jeans

..and last but not least!
Sassy Kitty is in a few hunts, I picked up this corset top while there..and made this hallo look ;)

  1. Cupcakes-Skin,join grp 250L
  2. [Sassy Kitty Designs] -Sassy Witch Purple,whole outfit not shown, hunt gift
  3. DeeTaleZ- net tights black black belt (not free)
  4. Eponym- Sunset Eyes
  5. Vixen-Hair, part of twist hunt

Holli Thespian-The Barbie

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