Saturday, October 3, 2009

I'm Mixing and Mingling

Holli did some great posts earlier on the Mix and Mingle Hunt and I'm now tossing my two cents in. There are alot of really great items on this hunt and a great deal from shops that I have not been to before or do not normally participate in hunts. You can read about the hunt here on the official blog. Initially this hunt seemed to be riddled with problems but it appears to be smooth sailing now. If your interested you can start the hunt here. Now onto my favorite finds!
PR!TTY: Blackjeade Cute Dress (this is my new fav shop in sl - I love everything she does!)
[spork]: Ashbury skirt with tube top
KA Designs: *Mara* Dress (my fav of the hunt so far!)
LeeZu: Magdalena Dress (this was Trips fav - he must have told me 10 times how much he loved it)
EmJay: Super dark low rise jeans and shirt.

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