Sunday, October 18, 2009

Glance Pink Hunt

Although there are a few freebies and dollarbies on this hunt this is not a freebie hunt for the most part. Most of the items are 50L. However, pink things and hunting are two of my favorite things so it had to be done. You are looking for pink bows throughout the sim. Can start here at the Glance Fashion Center.
~PureStyle~ Pinkballoon-mini

This gown from A La Folie is most definitely worth every bit of the 50L I paid. It's absolutely lovely - and so pink!
Ok this is supposed to be a guys outfit from *Fleur De Lys* however i loved the pants and pink chucks which are color change as well! Plus 50% of proceeds from this outfit are being donated to breast cancer research.
Lovely full body tattoos flowers Linda from untame, hair from Vanity Hair.

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