Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Halloween Trick or Treat Hunt

4 sims in this hunt: Vinyl Cafe, The Dominion Fashion District, Dominion Fetish, and theHalloween sim. Searching for the Halloween candy bowls. Each candy bowl gives out a gift or candy (I skipped the candy so I could fit into the clothes). It's very cute. Like sl trick or treating. I only managed two of the sims (Vinyl and Dominion Fashion so all items are from either one of those) and here's the loot:
Fab.Pony - Black fishnet tights with Eva Halloween boots.
Donna Flora - Earrings with D3 Dolly Dress and Sunkissed Pixie Skin for Digit Darkes.

Indyra Originals - Milana Dress
Shoen - Purple Dress

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