Thursday, October 8, 2009

Grey mood

I can't say much about this outfit apart from that the grey toned down colors really suit my mood right now. I've always loved grey and thinks its a very warm and calm color. The boots are from the sale (or rather give-away party) at Decoy and I'm absolutely adoring them. I can't believe you get this much awesomeness for nothing. The grey shredded tank is part from the new release from Plastik, called Shredder and as usual the colors and textures are perfectly drawn.

And I just need to share this, tho I know its been blogged several times. Exile's new hairs are just gorgeous! I love the texture and the way it flows and how the bangs frame my face. Above you see me wearing Courtney Remixed and Maren, both in auburn.

Here's another view at the Plastik Shredded dress. Its extremely sexy and made me want to wear red lipstick to go with it. I prefer the tanktop since this dress is a bit too sexy for me, but I think Aikea Rieko has once again outdone herself.

Kus Nere

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