Thursday, October 29, 2009

#22 I'm seeing Paper Bambis...

Soo if you haven't heard about AtomicBambi's skin release, well you must live under a rock ^^ She was nice enough to send me review copies and here is what Lana looks like on me:) Each makeup comes in 4 styles : matte lip, matte & freckle, freckle & gloss and just a gloss. So..swing by the shop and see what Lana can offer your avi ^^

  • Skin:AtomicBambi SK!N - Lana (Tan)
  • Mini:{paper.doll} InkedMini-Forever-Amethyst (NEW)
  • Gloves:{paper.doll} PumpkinHunt-Gift4 (13L)
  • Eyes:{paper.doll} PumpkinHunt-Gift2
  • Hair:fri. - Quinn - Anxious Blond
I paired Zoey's new release (Paper.Doll) with the are more colors! The Inked Mini comes in two different tats with 4 colors of each style. Are you lucky or forever lucky?^^ Thank you girly!

  • Mini:{paper.doll} InkedMini-Forever & Lucky
Paper.doll is also having a halloween hunt! There are 13 pumpkins to seek out and definitely worth doing, don't miss out! These are not freebie quality by any means, they are actual items to purchase in the store but instead for a mere 13L per. So go hunt! Here is my mini collage of MOST of the hunt gifts.

  • Skin:- AtomicBambi SK!N - Lana (Sunblush)
  • Hair:((JUNWAVE))EMMY(Atype)
  • Eyes: Paper.doll hunt item
  • Outfits: All brought to you by Paper.Doll !
Adios amigas!
Holli Thespian-The Barbie

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