Thursday, October 22, 2009

Kakaue Hunt

Not sure why I've not seen more about this hunt expect for maybe because it's a little one (only 20 shops) but out of that small bit of hunting most of the items were keepers (there is a lot of nice furniture in this hunt as well). This is one of the best hunts I've done in awhile, and being only 20 shops I got done in no time at all. If your interested you can start the hunt here at Kakaue Shoes and Boots Kreation. Looking for letter "K"'s (as in Karina - well really as in Kakaue but for our purposes here - Karina). So here's a large sampling and therefore large post (I can hear Nere already "too many pictures" yes I know, but I'm still on page one of Photo Shop for Dummies so I've not gotten to the - let's make a montage! part). Some of the goodies:
Blackstar: Black Leather Pants; (top is a preview of great things to come - stay posted!)
Ducknipple: Scoob - Reddish Dress (I hear Nere picking cherries)

CIA Designs - Penelope Dress
Kakaue Shoes and Boots Kreation: Rola Boot Black Latex (there were actually several pairs of boots on this hunt these are my favorite).
vitage: Candy Beach Bikini with Jacket and shorts
A Piece of Candy: Robin Dress with Vincenca Rosca Finest Jewellery: Cylces of Love [sic] jewelry set. This is color change too (yay!)
Inga Wind: Peggy in Red. This comes with a skirt option as well and the shoes. My favorite of the hunt!

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