Friday, October 23, 2009

Duh! There's Djunk on

Duh! is a long time sl favorite of mine. Cute shoes for next to nothing. Cowboy boots now hot off the press. Join the subscribo and get the grey ones for freeeeee. Want another color? I got the red ones for 25L so Duh! how could I resist! Dresses are from Djunk - the whole store is free. I blogged it awhile ago, but now has new (and better) stuff. Also, looked like they turned a light or two on because the old shop was so dark I had trouble making out the clothes. The new shop is bright and inviting. Finally, wearing new hair from - (They really need to quit putting crack in the hair I'm so addicted! How much hair is too much? - I'll never know!) Love it, love it, love it!
Djunk Blacky Mini Skirt and Dress, Duh! Crimson Cowboy Boots, Kate Hair. - Tatum 2 Hair with Duh! Crimson Cowboy boots (25L!) and Djunk Moni Dress (0L)

Duh! Grey Freebie Boots in the subscribo now. TARVIKE risti sock black free at Djunk.

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