Tuesday, August 11, 2015

what's going on in that kitchen

Some good times some bad times in the kitchen. Spanking for fun .. pointing her to the door with anger and bad temper.. begging him for mercy..picture making....time with her sister...It all can happen in our kitchen isn't it?

Nic shows you a nice dress from monaLisa. Comes with a hud for many texture possibilities and colors. Nic wears a gift hair from little bones, a groupgift. Same can be said from Nita. She also wears little bones hair ( the last gift / gift for all). ofcourse all with huds for many colors. The dres from Nita is from Alien Gizmo's a groupgift. The skin from Nita is from Lara Hurley. The new groupgift. It's so beautiful on Nita.  Tjip wears the gift for L"homme readers group anniversary from Gizza. new is also his hair.

On Nic:
Dress: mL - -mL- Aino Dress - HUD 36 textures (the gold version of the dress is free/gg)
Hair: little.bones - little bones. Queen - GIFT(free)
On Nita:
Hair: little.bones - little bones. Puck - Free!
Dress: Alien Gizmo's - Sara Dress GROUPGIFT (free)
Skin: Lara Hurley - Lara Hurley Skin - Ale (Group Gift)(free)
From inventory: grey brown eyes - Amacci(free); necklace- E C R U ( aloha fair gift)
On tjip:
Sweater with shirt and scarf- Gizza for L'Homme - GizzA - Harvey Cardigan with Scarf - (free)
From inventory: Mobile phone- [kunst] (free); boots- Hoorenbeek (Free);
Hair: Action Hair -  Action Mesh Hair Sam Overdose

Bye bye, Nic

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