Saturday, August 1, 2015

rainbow day

Through the warm wind down by the bay...Seagulls circle endlessly...I sing in silent harmony...We shall be free

Rainbow day. Two meanings today:
Rain and sun and wind and rainbows we had it all last time in rl. People on vacation had bad wheather sometimes. Freezing cold and not always a sunny beach. What a pity! But today and the next days it will be better.
The other meaning: saturday it's Gay Pride Canal Parade day in Holland and because of that the designer from Wicked made this rainbow top. It is some days a free gift in her shop. A very good idea in my opinion.
Nic wears her rainbow top on a new released pants at Leri Miles Design. It comes with a huge hud for many colors and you can color change many parts of the pants. From the Aloha Fair are the romper and the  sunglasses. The espadrilles are a TAF exclusive from *ZC*

Pants: LMD - LRD Pants Britt Leather with hud (new)
Top: Wicked - WICKED * Jessa - Tank Top (Rainbow) (free)
Romper: M.Second  at TAF - [M.Second] Romper Shopie
Espadrilles: *ZC* at TAF- *ZC* Calla Espadrille Sandals- Rouge Exclusive
Sunglasses: J&A at TAF - J&A Sunglasses
From inventory: Hairs - gifts from the hair fair; red bag- ::K::; Strandbag - Aitui; hat - GB; jewelry- WTG ( shop gone); Tattoo - infected
Pictures taken at; Baja Cove
Bye bye, Nic

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