Saturday, August 1, 2015

dance... that makes you love me more

Dance, in the old fashioned way..Won't you stay in my arms?Just melt against my skin
And let me feel your heart
Don't let the music win..By dancing far apart..Come close where you belong..Let's hear our secret song
Dance in the old fashioned way..Won't you stay in my arms?..And we'll discover highs...we never knew before
If we just close our eyes..And dance around the floor..That gay old fashioned way..That makes me love you more

Nic is longing to dance with......
She shows the new groupgift from D!va. It is because the shop has been renewed and the group has reached 50.000 member. Last month it was 6 years ago that she opened her hair shop. Always loved the D!va hairs. This gift contains de Iris hair and dress. 

Dress and hair: ""D!va"" - ""D!va"" 6th Anniversary & 50,000 group menber celebration gift (free)
From inventory: Tattoo- White widow; Leg Tattoo - infected; jewelry - lazuri; Shoes- promagic

Bye bye, Nic

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