Sunday, August 16, 2015

house for sale

House for sale..You can read it on the sign...House for sale
It was yours and it was mine...And tomorrow some strangers will be climbing up the stairs..To the bedroom filled with memories..The one we used to share.

A sad song but not for Nic and Dancer. They are on home searching tour. They are the strangers that will climb up the stairs. The ladies wanted a home in the 1920 style. The way they are dressed a bit. It was a bit a rainy day. Dancer checked the sky and  inspected if she could discover already some drops. The home behind them was the choice they made. Nic already arranged a corner with furniture to give Dancer an impression of how it could be. She used furniture from Pixel Mode and the Loft. And watch Nic's new dogs. Perfect for a 20th style. Dancer and Nic wear new skins. Scroll for a close-up. I hope the cute bag , the FLF item from C'est la Vie,  is still there. It has a hud for more colors.
For the dress from Dancer, hit the subscriber and then at the side of the counter is the dress as gift.

On Dancer:
Skin:[KAOS] - [KAOS] CLEO skin (free)
Dress:NYU - NYU - Collared Dress, Wine (Subscriber Gift)(free)
Umbrella and boots and poses: Mesh Avenue -  ~ Mesh Avenue ~ Rain or Shine Gift (free)
On Nic:
Dress: Rir - Rir Life Group Gift August (unpacked)( free/ but group join 10ld)
Skin: .:JUMO:. - .:JUMO:. Fashion Group Gift (free)
Shoes: ZD - *ZD* Joana Slink High Shoes Leather  1.0 with color hud( NEW)
Heaband: LaGyo at C88 - LaGyo_Vigee headbend White ( recolor possibele) (NEW)
Bag: C'est la Vie  for FLF -  ::C'est la vie !:: Serry Bag (50ld)
Necklace: ANE - ANE Moth Wings LetItGo necklace
Dogs: {anc} for C88- {anc} flottante puppy. milk (NEW)
Bike: StoraxTree - StoraxTree Aug #2 Group Gift 2015 (free)
From inventory: Nic's hair - lamb (old hair fair 2015 gift); feather in hair from Nic - love ( store closed); poses- room of Amo
Pictures taken at: Bay City
Bye bye Nic
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