Saturday, August 22, 2015

j' attendais

I was going serene and without knowing..I was waiting, I was waiting..Listening the wind
J'attendais, j'attendais

In her dreaming hanging chair Nic is going serene and dreaming and waiting. She wears the last gift of Kaithleen, the gangsta chemise Lingerie dress. 
Joy Laperriere from SHI made the new hair for kustom 9 (till 10th september). Dedicated to her beloved buddy Journey Lorakeet. The hair has a nice leather twist tie. 
And i love that hanging chair with many poses.

Dress:  Kaithleen's - Kaithleen's 2000 group members gift (free)
Hanging chair: Soy at C88 - Soy dreaming hanging chair (NEW)
Hair: SHI at Kustom 9 - .Shi Hair : Journey [DarkBrowns] (NEW)
Pictures made at Collabor88
Bye bye, Nic

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