Thursday, August 27, 2015


Ebony and Ivory live together in perfect harmony..We all know that people are the same where ever we go...There is good and bad in ev'ryone...We learn to live, we learn to give..Each other what we need to survive together alive.
A little info about my rl life: we had windhounds in my youth at home. Not these but saluki's and afghan hounds. Windhounds are beautiful, fast and shy. Gifts from Persian and Afghan kings long ago.

Nic choosed the ivory coat from ::K:: to show to you. With ivory dogs and a cat to go out for a stroll.
Ofcourse you can get more colors of this beautiful coat. And the shirt and blouse have a hud for more color options. Nic wears the gift female hair from No.Match. First there was just this hair for males. Now a small pink box for females. I am glad because i already tried the male hair, for Nic but it wasn't a succes. The shoes are a groupgift from Essenz. The fee is high but once joined you will not regret it. I asked the designer from keke if there would be a new gift. Kean kelly answered: " may be ..i am so busy all the time with events and so". And what did i discover?  There is a new groupgift now. The lovely hairband. Go and get it. Also nice for christmas times. And don't forget to look around in the keke shop. Lovely designs there.

Coat: ::K:: at Shiny Shabby - ::K:: Bal Collar Coat Homme/Femme@Shiny Shabby Aug.(NEW)
Hair band: keke - Pulsing star halo: Gift from [ keke ](gg/free)
Hair: no.match_ - +no.match_ ~ NO_COUNTRY ~ Pack of BROWNS-gift +(free/ group join 50ld)
Shoes: Essenz - Essenz - VIP group gift 8/26 (free/ but group join fee)
From inventory: Dogs- Anc ( C88 august); Pants - Shey; necklace - Kosh;
Pictures made at Seni Seviyorum

Bye bye, Nic

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