Sunday, August 30, 2015

lazy sunday afternoon

Lazy Sunday afternoon..I've got no mind to worry?..I close my eyes and drift away.
There's no one to hear me, there's nothing to say?.And no one can stop me from feeling this way - yeah.
Tired from a night with picture making from Nic as a centaur... see my flickr page.. studies for pictures with two centaurs. May be later here on the blog, when it is worthwhile to show.. after such a late night  i feel lazy and i see it also in the pictures of Nic in this blogpost..or is it just projection?

Nic shows you the september groupgift from FA Creations. The fur is the fifty linden friday items from Foxes. You get many colors..but be aware : just for the mesh body!. The glasses with keys i bought at the sale at Pixel Box. All..yes all!! items are 50ld now in that shop. Go and grab something you like. The shoes are a gift at Milk Tea. You also can grab another groupgift ( a tuxedo short top with pantie?/ i'm not sure the pantie is included/ not tried yet).

Dress: FA Creations - ::FAC:: Kiara Outfit  [Group Gift September 2015] (unpacked)
shoes: Milk Tea - Milk Tea: Glitteratin Heels (Gold Ed) Group gift (free)
Fur: Foxes. -Foxes. - Faux Fur Stole - Autumn Hues - 50L Friday
Bag: Birdy - Birdy - Pug Gif set <3(free/but group join fee/ but many presents)
Glasses: Pixel Box - PBD - Steampunk Glasses Classic Decay (all items 50ld now in the shop)
From inventory: Hair - Exile; black necklace- Swallow; key necklace - MG; Key bracelet - Centopallini
Pictures made near the Milk Tea shop

Bye bye, Nic

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