Wednesday, August 26, 2015

drop that gun ....go on your knees..

Dancer wanted on the pictures in her black/white outfit with fishnet parts. "Could be good for a post in which we are superheroes" she said to me. "Our job is to watch over the city.. to protect it, and fight crime."A bit like Lara Croft?  i asked. "Oh yeah and by the way a Lara Croft outfit is in the lucky chair at Ydea now Nic!"
And there you see them in the street. A black car arrives. They don't trust the situation. "Get out the car ..hands up ..on your knees and drop your gun" It's tjip!  Shiffering on his knees for the violent girls. He isn't the bad guy they are looking for. Later on Dancer is sitting relaxed near tjip.

On Dancer:
Outfit -*** Elle***  Elle`s Shop Antia white&black outfit mesh&clasic avatar(gg/free)( pink version/9ld)
Skin:7 Deadly s{K}ins - 7 Deadly s{K}ins - August 2015 GIRLS marshmellow (free/ group join fee)
Mask: SmartorNot - scarf with hud (1ld)
Hair: -Sentinus Hair--Sentinus Hair- Fitted Mesh Eleanor Hair (gg/free)
Guns and gloves: Ydea - *Ydea* Lara Combat outfit(LC/free)
Make-up: Madrid Solo - Group Gift July 2015- Independent Diety Madrid Solo (free)
Boots: Blaraby - [BLARABY]Platform MidCalfBoots (brown and black) (free)
Pose: Shamrock Sales -  Batgirl Action Pose (free)
Belt: SF Design - Duty Belt - with sound- free item (free)
On Nic:
Outfit: *Ydea* - *Ydea* Lara Combat outfit (LC/free)
From inventory: Hair - D!va
On tjip:
Shirt; *Ydea -*Ydea* Winchester Shirt many texture and coloroption hud(LC/ free)
Hair: Damselfly - ~*Damselfly*~Free Gift (for SL frees& Offers group) (Mens) (free)
Black pants: Ydea - part of *Ydea* Rodrigo outfit gift groupgift (free)
Pose: Belod -  HandsUpDontShootSL Campaign (free)
From inventory: Boots - The Gentry;glasses- Meva

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