Monday, October 5, 2015

wearing his flipflops

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It makes you feel close to him even if he is away,...wearing his sweater or even his flipflops.
Nic wears his flipflops from American Bazaar from a hunt some time ago...

Nic in lace lingerie cami from Paisley Daisy. I love this lingerie because it is so delicate and feminine. It is a hunt gift at Rock your Racks.  All fashions showing at RYR location give 30 - 100% Proceeds to the American Breast  Cancer Association . Also from the hunt items ( 10ld every hunt item) goes 100% to the Association. Then isn't a problem when the item isn't free. Hunt items that Nic shows are also the fragile earrings, the bracelet the necklace and a bag ( on the picture below).
On the pictures you see cushions from a free box at Apple fall. The animal striped pillow on the chair is a sex pillow freebie with many animations.

The hunt items i picked up at: sim#1 ,  sim#2 and sim#3
Lingerie: Paisley daisy at RYR - Paisley Daisy - Lace Overlay Cami (10ld/ 100% for Breast Cancer association)
Necklace: femme. couture at RYR- femme.couture statement necklace ( 10ld)
Earrings: !Lyrical B!zarre Templates! at RYR- Jolie Earrings MESH FP
Bracelet: Zuri at RYR- Rock Your Rack Hunt - (Zuri Jewelry 100%) (10ld)
Bag: *Nya's* at RYR- *Nya's*RYR2015 Hunt Item (10ld)
Sex pillow ( the animal one): Lovers Playground Sex Pillow FREEBIE V(1ld)
Cushions: Apple Fall - LTD Cushion Collection
Bye bye, Nic

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