Tuesday, October 13, 2015

last days of the Autumn Effect hunt..so run

My slurls will lead you immediately to the exact location from the hunt. So it is still possible to grab all. October 15th the hunt wil end and i discovered some good items that you don't wanne miss. For example the warm black dress with belt and with lace stockings and boots! Gorgeous isn't it! And the back necklace with drop and wings ( see on the small pictures below), the necklace and earring with golden skulls, the coffee,the arm tattoo, the black white bag and the black clutch ..yes yes all from the hunt.
Then some halloween accessories. The skelet hand lollipop and the redrum necklace with ax are in the groupgift from Hudson's. The licorice and the scarf with studs are presents on the Halloween table at Plastik.
The balloon dress is the groupgift from Modanna in a renewed shop. The skirt part is very wide..not everyone will like that ( hehe Laura!) But when you walk and move you see the colored inside and with tattoo and stockings and a scarf you will not look like ballerina.
Love the boots from reign. The dress with the elegant straps at the back is the groupgift from monaLisa.

Black/white dress: monaLisa - -mL- Abena dress (free/ groupjoin 50ld)
Black/white heels: -mL- Daria Heels (Belleza,Slink) - ( GG/ free/ group join 50ld)
Black clutch: Aurora - AURORA - Chained Bag TAE hunt (free)
Skelet lollipop and redrum necklace: Hudson's - HUDSON's HALLOWEEN Accessories (gg/free)

Blackdress with boots and stockings:  Stormcrow - STORMCROW - Black Dress TAE hunt hint: look up above Trudy (free)
Blackwhite bag: DIAMANTÈ - Relic Handbag TAE hunt (Free)
Necklace at back: Tantalum - ~Tantalum~ Bound Angel Drop Necklace*TAE hunt (free)
Golden skulls necklace and earrings: THE PLASTIK - Alomora Jewelry Set TAE hunt (hint: in the bag on the counter (free)

Black balloon dress: Modanna - MoDANNA [GG October 2015] Ballon Dress Fitted (free)
Coffee: RECKLESS -RECKLESS - Bean Juice Glass TAE hunt (free)
Arm tattoo: ENDLESS PAIN - TAE #12 Endless Pain Tattoos TAE hunt (free)
Scarf with studs: [Plastik]-[Plastik]-Halluwiin'10- Raziel Collar In Samhain gifts on the table (free)
Booties: REIGN - REIGN.- GEMMA BOOTIES- BLACK (not free)
From inventory: Hair - Clawtooth; jewelry on first picture- Chop Zuey ( see post before this one).
Bye  bye Nic

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