Friday, October 2, 2015

like a bridge over troubled water

When you're weary, feeling small,...When tears are in your eyes... I will dry them all...I'm on your side... When times get rough...And friends just can't be found,...Like a bridge over troubled water...I will lay me down...Like a bridge over troubled water...I will lay me down.

Just a few days to get this dress from Wertina at the Color me Project. The bag from The Vintage Touch you can get at the Free Dove. A more grey version of the bag with a little hand of Fatima on it, is the groupgift in the shop (group join free). The necklace and armband are a gift from Shey. Nic doesn't wear the earrings from that set, but earrings from the Cosmopolitan Sales Room presents. The hair you can find at marketplace from Beusy. Comes with a color hud. The wedges are from Pure Poison. I went there for the new groupgift gatcha. But what i got didn't fit the dress. Then i saw these shoes near the gatcha. They come with a hud  with several possibilities.

Earrings: EarthStones at CSR- EarthStones Madison Pearl Earrings - White Pearl (free)
Armband and necklace : Shey - Shey Pearl Jewelery SET(white)(free)
Dress: Wertina at CMP -Hannah Wildflowers Dress Wertina GIFT (free)
Hair: Beusy -Beusy: Sosconed Hair Gift (Add me) (1ld)
Bag: The Vintage Touch at The Free Dove - Vintage Touch Boho Fringe Bag (free)
Shoes: Pure Poison - Pure Poison - Anime Platforms (99ld)

Bye bye, Nic

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