Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Autumn Effect hunt ( 2 days left) and The Season's Story anniversary.

Real life was very cold for me today due to several circumstances. You can see this reflected in the post that i made. Nic wears an oldie the fur hoody from Monso, but combined with items from the Autumn Effect Hunt. it is still possible today and tomorrow to pick up your presents from that hunt. And i finally entered  The Season's Story second Anniversary. Entering is still difficult but now i can show you already some nice things. Ofcourse there will follow more. To start with the AEH: you see here the my fav boots from Bubble and the tattoo from Speakeasy. Below Nic's shows the tattoo better (scroll).
From TSS: you see the weasel, the cap (below), two sorts of hair ( one below a bit recolored), apple pie and donuts platter, a pendant and the pose near the table ( comes with a balloon). The long cardholder (GG from SHI) i attached to the groupgift top from Blueberry ( comes with a color hud)

From TAE hunt:
Tattoo: Speakeasy - Witching Hour Tattoo ( free)
Boots:[ bubble ] - [ bubble ] Mess My Fav Boots hint: Look up(free)

Top: Blueberry - Blueberr - groupgift tanktop (free)
Namecard Holder:.Shi - .Shi Gift : Namecard holder w chain (free/ but groupjoin fee)

Taxi to The Season's Story here
Hair: Mithral - Mithral Apothecary *TSS GIFT* (free)
Hair ( on picture below): Ayashi - [^.^Ayashi^.^] Selena hair-TSS gift (free)
Donuts platter: {RW} -  {RW] cake Donuts Platter (free)
Apple pie: poche - poche applepie 2015 Anniversary Gift (click pie to get a piece and fork) (free)
Pendant: ::K:: - ::K:: Ethnic Pendant TSS 2year Anniversary Gift (free)
Weasel: {Reverie} -{Reverie} Seasons Story  'Curious Weasel' Gift!  *TSS GIFT*(free)
Tiny elephant (picture below) :: GORODEE :: - :: GORODEE :: Elephant doll *TSS GIFT*(free)
Cap: Bade - [bade] - Cap - *TSS GIFT*( not resizable (free)
From inventory: Pants- chronokit; hoody - Monso; snake necklace - Faun

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