Monday, October 5, 2015

a building for your shop or home..

Nic shows you a part of ...well how shall i say.... home or factory or building. In next posts Nic will show you other parts. This is the outdoor part. In the background you see a room with window. Nic loves the wood sort and the grey cement floor with some lines as if the floor is a bit broken. And the shadows are gorgeous. Nic was so exited about this free finding ( heard about it from Juliet Claridge). Nic made a little feast on her own with the dogs. And she was just sitting and watching and enjoying. Making idea's how to fill a room as bedroom. This building is very usable as a nice shop. Run to Apple Fall and use your SL Frees&Offers tag to get this 50 prims building.
Nic shows again some items from the Rock your Rack hunt. The sweater from Wicked and the necklace and earrings from Zibska. The jeans is from ZD. Comes with all sorts of suppliers . Very useful under sweaters and in boots. Boots from Ison from my inventory and the scarf is an oldie from Addicted( shop is gone).

The hunt items from RYR hunt are at: sim#1 ,  sim#2 and sim#3
Building: Apple Fall - Apple Fall Plywood Commercial (free)
Sweater: Wicked at RYR hunt - WICKED * Sabrina - Dress (Fuchsia)(10ld/ 100% for American Breast Cancer Association))
Earrings and necklace: Zibska at RYR hunt - Rock Your Rack Hunt - (Zibska)(10ld)
Jeans: ZD - *ZD* Liv Jeans Black
From inventory: Hair - Exile; scarf - Addicted (shop's gone); boots - Ison; table and hanging chair - Pixel Mode; balloons ( free) - at CSR ( i used another one)
Bye bye, Nic

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