Sunday, October 4, 2015

passe, passe le temps

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Pendant que je t'aimais, pendant que je t'avais,.. L'amour s'en est allé, il est trop tard...Tu étais si jolie, suis seul dans mon lit...Passe, passe le temps, il n'y en a plus pour très longtemps

While i loved you, while i had you...the love is gone.. it is too were so pritty
Time passes, passes. There isn't so much for longtime

The basic for all wardrobes is the little black dress. This one is so elegant and sexy. A groupgift in info and notices from Hilly Haalan. Nic wears hair from Miamai. It is the short updo on the small picture. I added a part from hair from D!va, the long tail. Nic wears a tattoo from White Widow. Go to the Cosmopolitan Sales Room to grab this one for free. Behind Nic a skull with a candle and in her arms driftwood with candles. You can get those at the same Sales Room. The shoes are from M.Second ( a dollarbie). Nic wears earrings from VJ. Soon in the new shop from Barbarella Portland again available.

Nic wears:
Hair: Miamai - Miamai_Liny Hair with colorhud for some colors (5ld)
Dress: Hilly Haalan in info and notices from the group - [hh] GIFT Tuxedo Dress (free)
Shoes: [M.Second] - [M.Second] Loren Peep - Gift (1ld)
Taxi to CSR here
Tattoo: White Widow at CSR - [White~Widow] Wild (free)
Driftwood with candles: :: NEWCHURCH :: at CSR - :: NEWCHURCH :: (free)
Candle  on skull: Construct at CSR - CONSTRUCT Candle on Skull - Gift (free)
Tjip wears: Jacket with shirt: American Bazaar- [AB] groupgift september (free)
From inventory: Hair part - D!va
Bye bye, Nic

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