Friday, October 30, 2015

a bit dangerous here.. but still good vibes

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This bridge was a challenge for picture making. It was high and we pushed each other of the bridge by accident. And Dancer said there was a hole in the bridge. But may be she said so to get the attention  from Nic elsewhere, so she could steal a dark skull chocolate. The girls both wear a kind of same sort of booties. Nic from the free groupgift gatcha at Pure Poison and Dancer  from the Midnight Mania  at !TLB. Both wear a ribbon/bow in the hair ."Is it a fashion to  wear a ribbon nowadays" someone asked us. But no we just got those ribbons. Nic shows the new november groupgift skin ( released today) from Wow skins . Nic's top and waist sweater are from a hunt at Overhigh. You also get shorts. I combined it with a jeans from beautiful Dirty Rich (with appliers). Love the jeans from Dancer, from the lucky board, but i had no time to stand there.

On Dancer:
Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins - 7 Deadly s{K}ins -Garage Fair ANAIS Caramel No cleavage (free/LC)
Cape: Baby Monkey - BM Poncho Basics with hud  for many colors (free/ but group join fee)
Hair with bow : Milana - (Milana) Nikola bun - All Shades also another hair included (SOM/free)
Booties: !TLB - Leslie Heels-Ash (MM/free)
Jeans: RD Style - part of Outfit Outfit Marjorie_RD Style (LB/free)
Bracelets: PIXELBOX - PIXELBOX - Bracelet Magic Pumpkins (b)(free)

On Nic:
Skin: Wow Skins - GG NOV 2015 .::WoW Skins::. V2 Yolanda Tan (free/but group join fee)
Top: Overhigh -  OVH -01 - OVH.Hunt . Bex Top (free)
Waist sweater: Overhigh - 03 - OVH.Hunt . Knotted Izzie Shirt (free)
Jeans: ...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::... -  ...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::... Dreamer Jeans (GG) (free)
Booties : Pure Poison - Pure Poison - Zipper Boots - Gray Stars -  - RARE (free/ GGgatcha)
Necklace and earrings: Elysium at BCF - Elyisum - Africa necklace + earrings (silver)
Dark chocolate skull in mouth - C L A Vv for Tag! Gatcha - C L A Vv dark skull chocolate (free)
Ribbon : Lark for Tag! Gatcha - Lark halloween ribbon (free)
Bag: Mikunch- Mikunch Gift / Tote Bag (OK MOD) Favorite Time (free)
Glasses: ArisAris at BCF - TBCFIV- Gifts 1 - ArisAris/B&W (1ld or free)
From inventory: Hair !Soul; chocolate jar - BSD
Pictures made at: Intro
Bye bye, Nic

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