Saturday, October 31, 2015

her worst nightmare

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Oh that poor Linzee in her wheelchair, first an idiot clown and then Dancer with her mask and with her skin with a good and bad side. The good thing for the insane girl was that Dancer brought her a  new bag (see on her lap). But at the end it overwhelmed Dancer a bit. Scroll for a picture of that moment.
You see Nic on the first picture. Waiting for Dancer for the photoshoot i camed around for the hunt that is running there ( ends today) and i found this clows mask. And i had to show it to you. Dancer's mask is a gift from Linden on marketplace. Dancer's legging and the bag from Lizee are from a hunt ( touch don't bite my pumpkin hunt). the eyes are from the horror fest hunt.So three hunt you can go to as fast as possible.

Dancer wears:
Skin: Lumae- Lumae :: Niska - Varda - Lady Death (GG/free)
Eyes: REPULSE - REPULSE - Sullen Eyes ( look for a little pumpkin)( HFH/free)
Hair: (Milana) - (Milana) Nikola bun - All Shades ( see also the post before this one)(free)
Boots: Blackburn - Laced & Strapped Black Leather Heels (free)
Dress: Blaraby - [Blaraby] Ruffle dress with blood [Black] (50ld)
Mask: Linden lab - in Linden Halloween gifts 2015 (free)
Legging:  Furtacor - from the tdbmp hunt - Touch don't bite my pumpkin ( 1ld)
Gloves: [AdN] - [AdN] CUTE LACE (Appliers Included) (1ld)
Necklace: .:: PIXEL BOX design - .:: PIXEL BOX design ANGEL CALLER Necklace (free)
Bag: Illy from the tdbmp hunt - ..::ILLI::.. Hunt Handbag (Halloween Edition) (1ld)
Nic wears:
see for most things the post before this one and
Mask; *N* - DERP *N* Scary Clown mask  hunt from Blackout event ( ends 31 -10-2015)
When landed touch the red sign to teleport. Then go upstairs to the left. In the cupboard of  a desk you will find the pumpkin bag with sweets. Be aware for all scary things.. i was followed by i man with an axe and pushed by a rat. I met bloody Lisa and insane Linzee.
Insane Linzee: Satanic Visions -  Shadow Wraith Wheelchair patient (60ld)
The Wheelchair Patient has a range sensor that tracks an avatar and activates a pleading sound effect on avatar approach.
Bye bye, Nic

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