Friday, October 2, 2015

after hard working

Rest finally after very hard working days. Nic shows you how i feel in rl now. A cosy moment. Again at her secret place. Behind her the swimming pool and the beach. Nic shows a jacket, a pose, clutches and rings from the presents at the Cosmopolitan Sales Room. The pants (15ld) and the necklace (groupgift) are from Erfe Design. Many gifts there and also SLFrees&Offers gifts.The shoes are from the Womenstuffhunt (runnnn it's still there). Many decoration items are from Apple Fall: the cottage dining table and chairs, the plants in pots and the magazine files are free.
See some details below. Click the small pictures to enlarge
Oh and i love Nic's hair from Magika. This one i bought but i can tell you there is a new groupgift for halloween.

Pants: Erfe Design - Marina Style Pant (White +Print) /erfe Design (15ld)
Necklace - Erfe Design - Sapphire necklace Gift Erfe Design  (free)
Shoes: Moonstar- part of MESH Autumn Mist 2 Way Dress, Necklace and Slink High Shoes (free)
Table and chairs: AF  - AF Cottage Dining table and chairs(free)
Interior plant: AF - AF Interior plant (free)
Magazine Files: AF - AF Magazine Files (free)
From CSR:
Jacket: R.icielli - Cosmo 3rd Anniversary Gift karina Jacket (free)
Clutch: ERSCH -eERSCH - Leaf Clutch with/without Dragonfly Blue (free)
Clutch ( brown): {Indyra} Cosmo 3rd Anniversary Gift Box (free)
Ring with ribbon: Cae - Cae Cosmo 3rd Anniversary Gift 9free)
Ring: RealEvil Industries - RealEvil Industries Gift
Pose: ..::Vibe::.. - ..::Vibe::.. - Cosmo 3rd Anniversary Gift (free)
Bye bye, Nic

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