Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Boho Culture Fair 2015

Another event where i searched for nice presents. The Boho Culture Fair 2015. Lots of presents for 1 or 0ld. Tp yourself there and search and don't forget to look around in the shops. I saw nice sets. I searched and searched for hair and shoes gifts at the fair but didn't succeed.  But i found so many other nice gifts..so no complaints. I got enough to go with the new october groupgift dress and jacket (onepiece) with necklace from Gizza. I love the cute bag in blue and pink. That inspired me to search for pink lipstick and pink blue shoes.
See some details below.

Dress/jacket and necklace: Gizza -GizzA - October Group Gift [Women] (free)
Ring:[keke] at Tag! Gatcha - [keke]  trick key ring ( see post before this one for explanation ( free)
From the Boho Culture fair:
Hat: Elysium at BCF -TBCFIV- Gift 2 - Elysium Skins & Apparel (free or 1ld)
Bag(pink blue)/sunglasses and cellphone at BCF: Stormcrow - TBCFIV- Gifts - StormCrow Design's (free or 1ld)
Chucky bag: Shine by [ZD] at BCF -  shine by [ZD] TBCFIV- Gift * Chucky Bag canary (free or 1ld)
Lipstick: LoveMe Skins at BCF-TBCFIV- Gifts - LoveMe Skins
From inventory: Hair Analog Dog; shoes- Shey
Bye bye, Nic
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