Tuesday, March 29, 2016

urban girl

Again some presents from the WhoreCouture 5. The shoes, glasses and the underbust shirt are from the WhoreCouture5(end 31th march). The longskirt i found at M*Motion. Its is a gypsy skirt, part of the 7000 member groupgift. I combined it with another top. The hoodie from Certifye ( it is the november gift, but still available). From Tentacio are the frites and the music pocket in blue  from a gacha machine called Downtown Visit. Hair is from Mina. The plastic bag with noodle cups is from Love Soul. Love all these accessories to style Nic in a certain way.

Hoodie: Certifye - !!C.F!! Crop Hoodie November Gift
Glasses: -SU!- at WC5 -SU!- The Shagi Glasses V.2 (5ld)
Underbust shirt: Clockhaus at WC5- WCF5 - 5L Gift CLOCKHAUS (5ld)
Shoes: Empire at WC5 - #EMPIRE Dahlia WCF5 - 5L Gift (EMPIRE)(5ld)
Skirt: M*Motion - part of M*Motion Member 7000 Group Gift (free)
Frites: Tentacio - *Tentacio* Downtown visit. Friter (gacha)
Music pocket in blue: Tentacio - *Tentacio* Downtown visit. Music pocket blue (gacha)
Hair: Mina - MINA - Lena - Light brown
From inventory: bracelet- Bauhaus; dog - [sau]; Noodles bag- Love Soul
Pictures made near the Death Row Design shop.
Bye bye, Nic.

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