Friday, March 25, 2016

he is hurts ..

Although this is a sunny post, in my heart is pain. I little drama happened in the evening from the day before this one. The young very sweet cat ( always playful and curious) from my daughter died on the street. He was hit by a car. So the last picture is expressing my feeling. Saying :"oh please could you please come back.... it hurts". I think those who love animals can understand.

Scarf: ::K:: ( in the shop at the TMD sim) - ::K:: Gauze Scarf Homme/Femme Group Gift (free)
Skirt: Petite Mort - Petite Mort Olive velvet skirt w/ belt ( free)
Blouse: chronokit - *chronokit* Blouse01 red
Bag: Zenith at Shiny Shabby  - =Zenith=Spring Picnic Rattan Basket B (Milk) (NEW/ gacha)
Armband: aisling - . a i s l i n g . GOT not Milk - Lannister ( free/ apple bob prize)
Rings: and earrings: Izzie's - Izzie's Bunny pearl ring and earrings  Easter gift at marketplace ( i also attached them to the scarf) ( free)
From inventory: Boots - ISIN; hair - Magika
Bye bye, Nic


Laura Azalee said...

I feel for you Nic... I am so sorry... I know how much it hurts!

Nicandra Laval said...

Thanks Laura :)

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