Sunday, March 20, 2016

preparations for Easter

Busy hiding eggs or collecting them? What ever she is doing, she is preparing for Easter. Behind Nic you can see a pergola sweet bed, a gift from BS house. In the shop is another gift, a romantic dining table. The clothes are a new gift from Hilly Haalan. the set has this black version and  a black pink version. You can find the gift in the info and notices of the group. It is called olivia suit. The basket with eggs is a gift from Petit Mort. You can find it at the entance of the shop. The bag with dog you can find at the  Free*Style shop. I changed the texture and color.  Nic is  using her glasses from the Whore Couture5 again. The neckwarmer is an old gift at C'est la Vie The shoes are a Fifty Linden Friday item from Ingenue for slink mid feet. I recolored them. Below you can see the colors you get. And because the FLF item is still in the shop this blogpost will be my second today.

Shoes: Ingenue- Ingenue :: Le Papillion Heels :: Duck Egg & Candy  [FLF] (50ld)
Suit: Hilly Haalan - [hh] GIFT OLIVA SUIT(in info and notices from the group/free)
Neckwarmer: C'est la Vie -  ::C'est la vie !:: Oivi neckwarmer groupgift (free)
Basket with eggs: Petit Mort -  Petite Mort- Easter Basket (free)
Bag with dog:Flasher @ Shop Free*Style-SirPaws! ( 10ld)
Glasses: SU! at WCF5 -  SU! Shaggy glasses (5ld)
Pergola sweet bed: BS House - BSHouse-Pergola Sweet Bed GROUP GIFT (free)
From inventory: Hair - No.match (no. worries/ free/fee 50ld) THERE IS A NEW GROUPGIFT in the no. match shop
Pictures made at: Sarawak.
Bye bye, Nic

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