Saturday, March 5, 2016

the smell of spring

The air is fresh, the days is sunny, the colors are bright. She is smelling the horses in the barn nearby. They are restless.. they want to go outside. Nic has springtime feelings.
Some days earlier i told about groupgifts from Shutter Field. But the same day the shop was gone for a while. But now reopened on a new sim and many groupgifts are there!! And some very cute sale items.
On the pictures are many pieces of the group gifts. Even the wooden boho box behind Nic on the last picture. Below some details.
Nic wears a jumpsuit from Two Foxes. The boots are from the Walk a Mile in my shoes Hunt.

Jumpsuit: Two Foxes at EVA- Two Foxes Colorado Jumpsuit (NEW)
Boots: even.flow - even.flow - WMMSH: Doctor Boots (10ld)
Furniture nearly all from Shutter field
[sf] log candle cp -;  [sf] round wreath cp (not shown); [s]f boho boxes  - group gift; [sf] brazier planters - boxed v2; [sf] porch cupboard and tray - ;[sf] stool and candles  gift - ; sf crate decor - tea - ; sf rustic coffee stool - group gift box (all free)
From inventory: hair- LC; cat- Le Poppycock ( 10ld/WMMSH); watering can - RC; BP - plant fall; straw hat - amiable; lawn mower - what next.
Pictures taken near the Shutter Field shop.
Bye bye, Nic

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