Saturday, March 12, 2016

the milkmaid and flowers from Holland with love

I hope you will gonna smile when you see this. These are pictures made with love.
Love is in the air with spring flowers, like our Dutch famous tulips. The milkmaid from Vermeer ( a famous Dutch painter) is on the wall behind Nic. And lots of canned milk around here. The best milk the Dutchies have already since decades. Don't feel offended because of this. Sure in your country the milk will taste as good as in our country. Although the Chinese people come here for baby milk powder. But that has another reason. We prefer breastfeeding for our babies.
Okay enough about milk, tulips,breasts and Holland.
Nic doesn't wear a typical Dutch pattern on her shirt. It is an Aztec pattern in warm beautiful colors. The top is a new release from *ZD*.. comes with a color hud. The jeans is also from *ZD*( showed in the post before this one already.
I recolored the color of the tulips to fit the orange hues. The tulips you can buy at Collabor88. The blue basket bag you also can buy there. In the blue basket bag you see a small red japanese bag ( a present from the Creators Collection Box anniversary)
Nic's lovely hair is made by our Dutch designer Mina. Love it. Go to HairOlogy to get these hairs.
The painting from Vermeer i did in the frame from Kalopsia , a present at TLC. see what is in it when you get the present in the post before this one.

Top: *ZD* - *ZD* Nicte Blouse (NEW)
Jeans: *ZD* - *ZD* Xareni Jeans (NEW)
Hair: Mina at HairOlogy - MINA - Eloise - Essentials (NEW)
Blue basket bag: Tentacio at C88 - *Tentacio* basket blue (NEW)
Tulips: The Loft & ARIA at C88 - The Loft & ARIA - Winslow Wrapped Tulips (NEW)
Small red bag: *PH* at CCB - *PH* CCB Anniversary Gift (free)
Frame from Painting: Kalopsia at TLC - Kalopsia - TLC Birthday Gift
From inventory: Shoes - Shey; Milk - Kalopsia (old gift)
Pictures made at Hollandaise 

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