Tuesday, March 8, 2016

make the world a bit better with your fantasies



Make the world a bit better with your fantasies.That is what we can do when we are in sl and with what we create. When the day was dark and full of sadness, then this sl world can help to send the darkness away.
These sunny sets i found to go with the beige shoes from H@s, the new groupgift from that shop. The skirt with top ( a one piece) you can get at the Womenstuff lounge.  I love also the jeans with the swallows, gift at Moonstore. the green bag is a gatcha item from Toro. A good prize for a nice bag.
Again in this blogpost something from the Womenstuff hunt . The jewelry this time.
The lavender sticks are a gift from Aso!. It's the sim opening gift.

Bag: Toro - Toro City stroller bag (gatcha)(49ld)
Jewelry: [JKT] - [JKT] The LINE - Womenstuff HUNT (free)
Shoes: H@s - H@S March 2016 Group Gift (free)
Lavender bottle: ASO! - ASO! Aroma Diffuser (Lavender)( sim opening gift/ free)
Skirt with top (onepiece) - Posh at the womenstuff lounge - .PoshTale. Cornelae (free/ 50ld group join)
From inventory: shirt- chronokit
Pictures made at the Apple Fall shop.
Bye bye, Nic

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