Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Dancer found the new gift from Coco, the green Lolita dress and she proposed to do a St Patricks day post. But it turned out a bit different. The dress with lace made me think about  dolls. And then i remembered the dolls from !gO! that should be released at 15 march at The Secret Affair.  I went to the main shop and got the lm there. And was lucky to get in. The system warned me that i was on a wrong property and it was very quiet. So i got the idea it wasn't opened yet. But i was there. I hurried to try the gacha and bought a beautiful gown there too from !gO!. Then i hurried home before the system could send me away. So here they are. A pity that i didn't get the rare one to show you. It is a   stroller with a doll. We show you 4 sorts of dolls. Dancer with the red hair and green dress and the doll with the red hair and green dress are a good Irish couple. That's the St. Patrick touch in this post. I love the doll with the wild hair. She is a bit bewildered in my opinion. Huge compliments to Gocha Merlin for all her creative ideas and exceptionel designs.

About 7 deadly skins: Welcome to the BRAND NEW store! Go and grab the 2 skin boxes for 13 linden. The group join is  13 weeks the fee will ONLY be 13 linden!!!

Dolls: !gO! at The Secret Affair

On Nic:
Shorts and top : Addams at C88 - Addams - Dolores short and  Tatiana top (NEW)
From the Whore Couture 5 :
Glasses: -SU!- -SU!- The Shagi Glasses V.2 with color hud (5ld)
Hair: Phoenix -  WCF5 - 5L Gift (Phoenix Hair) (5ld)
Face pierce: DATUM - DATUM // Locked - SILVER {wear} (unpacked)
Nails: AlaskaMetro - WCF5 - 5L Gift (alaskametro<3) (5ld)
Rings:[sYs] - [sYs] Whore Couture Gift <3 (5ld)
Pink handcudff: Go*Diva - Go*DiVa - MooN Handcuff (Pink) (5ld)
Black handcuffs: Minimal -WCF5 - 5L Gift MINIMAL(5ld)
From inventory: shoes - H@s; heart bag - C'est la Vie ( old groupgift ( still there/free)

On Dancer:
Dress: COCO - *COCO*_Gift_LolitaDress(Green) (free/new GG)
Hair: *Alice Project* - *Alice Project* Grace ( base with pony tail )( MM/free)
Head band: La!la  - La!la Flower head band - ( lucky board/free)
Butterflies: La!la - La!la  subscribe-o-matic gift (free)
Skin: 7 Deadly skins-  7 Deadly s{K}ins - MARCH - Merle (free/ GG/ group join now 13 ld)
Shoes: SMC - :SMC Ladies Loafers TT Black with socks ( free/ lucky chair)
Necklace and earrings : JKT - JKT Lara  gold necklace and earrings (subscribe-o matic gift/free)
Pictures made near the 1gO! shop
Bye bye, Nic

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