Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Zoe in Paris

Sometimes i make pictures from a passenger in sl. This time it is Zoe Lisle. I took her with me to Paris ;). She enjoyed the small streets and the nightlife. Sorry we drank some glasses of wine together so my view was not so clear that day. But isn't she a beauty? Zoe wears a dress from EhR. A new release It reminds me of a dress that i bought longtime ago in sl. I didn't dare to wear that one in the sl streets because i wasn't sure it was a dress or underwear. Zoe's hair is from LeLutka., a new release. Zoe is a good quality shopper.
Her skin is from Izzie's.
Nic wears also a dress from EhR. This one has an affordable prize and  don't forget to check the 10ld part at the shop. Good pants and dresses there. Nic wears a new bracelet, gift at Lazuri.This one is a gift for all. Lazuri's Main Store will temporary be hosted by PurpleMoon while Zuri Lyric takes a well deserved break. And she just put out an exquisite, precious pearl choker set with many pearl change and gem change options! 50% off till Wed, May 21st 2014.
Above the next rainy day in Paris. Near the Seine. Nic is wearing a new release from Shey. Many colors available. Because it was cold she did a shirt under it. Now she wears a 10ld pants from EhR
On Zoe:
Dress: :::  EhR ::: - ::: EhR ::: _mini dress Black (NEW)
Hair: LeLutka - [LeLutja] NEU hair (NEW)
Skin: Izzie's - Izzie's  Holly
Shape: Izzie's - Irene
On Nic:
Dress: ::: EhR ::: - ::: EhR :::_ Dress_ Black Collection (dark gray)
Hair: Eaters Coma - Eaters Coma - HAIR 22 / CHESTNUT
Bracelet: Lazuri - sLazuri Regal Desire - Red - Bracelets
Red dress: Shey - SHEY - Tarja Mini Dress (NEW)
Pictures taken in Paris ;)

Au revoir , Nic

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