Friday, May 2, 2014

my home outside

A new rotan set from Pixel Mode i placed outside my home in sl. For relaxing near the water in my small harbour. Nic wears a new release from FA Creations. I love lace tops i love this one. And i love shorts..and this one is very cute with the flowers. Both pieces come with huds for more colors. And  run to Miel girls for the shoes. The Fifty Linden Friday item! With ofcourse also a hud with more colors.
Below you see the view over the harbour. Sometimes i have a boat there. And on the open sea i can see ships so now and then. Nic wears the new (May) groupgift from FA Creations. Yes slowly summertime is coming! And we are prepared with these clothes isn't it?
Furniture: Pixel Mode at Fameshed -  [PM]Pixel Mode : Juniper Set (NEW)
Shorts: ::FAC:: - ::FAC:: Blossom Denim Shorts (NEW)
Lace top : ::FAC:: Chloe Lace Top (NEW)
Dress: ::FAC:: - ::FAC::  groupgift May (free)
From inventory: hair - Mina; necklace - Kotolier; Sunglasses - BSD
Bye bye, Nic

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