Sunday, May 11, 2014

trip to Panama

Tjip and Ingo planning to make a world sail tour? Going to Panama? No we talked about Panama just because of the Panama hat from Xen's hats. Tjip is first waiting for Ingo to come. Changes his outfit also once. But returns to the light combination to make a good combination with the new clothes from Ingo. Love Ingo's shoes and his brand new pants. Tjip wears shors from ::K:: for the May round of the Mens Dept. The white short is part of a groupgift from Pekas. The blue shirt is a groupgift from Lineal Rise. Didn't pick-up this one earlier. It is the groupgift from March. And i am happy with tjips new hair. Soraya said  tjip is a bit like Charly Chaplin with that hair. Haha. But she was so happy with the two good looking men, that she could stare for hours to her screen.

On Ingo:
Shoes: ::db:: design -db* MEGA PROMO 20L$ Male Easy Striders Beige Leather Walker Boots (20ld)
Pants: GAS Clothing Company -GAS [Mens MESH Chino Pants Madrid - 9 colors with HUD] (99ld)
Sweater: HooLigan Ink - HooLigan Ink Cardigan Zip wearable  demo (1ld )
From inventory: hair - Laq

On tjip;
Hair: Argrace - *ARGRACE* TAKUMI - Blacks (latest male release)
White blouse: Pekas - part of PeKaS Urban Barton groupgift (free)
Blue blouse: Lineal Rise Design - LRD Men's March 2014  Group Gift
Shorts: ::K:: at the men's Dept May - ::K:: Resort Pant Sand and Navy
Hat: Xen's Hats - Xen's Hats Edmond Beige
From inventory: Towel - Fatewear
Pictures made at : Caverns of Aleval

Bye bye, Nic

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