Friday, May 9, 2014

expect cake things

Near a cute little beach café Nic shows you some new findings. On the first pictures you see the new groupgift from may from Miamai. You can touch the subscribe-o-matic or you can join the group (group join is free). The top with strawberry is from the lucky chair at Sugar button boutique. The red high neck top is from Coco for the anniversary from The Chapter Four.
The next dress is a groupgift from Loordes of London. Join the group(free) and go in info and notices. Also a blazer there. the teal bag is from cheerno at the Dressing Room Fusion.
The blue ruffle dress on the last pictures i got from the lucky chair at Sugar button boutique. The star tattoo is also from the lucky chair. The white heels are from Alb dream fashion. Find it in the rack from those shoes and choose the good one's. Be carefull you have to pay for the others. You don't need to be a groupmember.

Top with ribbon: Miamai - Miamai_May Group Gift_Kalia Silk Peach
Top with strawberry: SB - ~SB~ Batwinged top-  "I'm juicy" MESH (free)
Red top: Coco for TCF -*COCO*_Gift_HighNeckCropTop(Red)(free)
Dress teal/lila: Loordes of London -Loordes of London-Messina Bell Dress-#26-Group Gift
Ruffle dress: SB -~SB~ Ruffled mini Dress- Two toned - Blues
Star Tattoo - ~SB~face stars tattoo
Shoes: ALB- ALB SINJA heels 3 FREE by AnaLee Balut
Cat purse: ///offbeat///at anniversary from The Chapter Four -  ///offbeat///nyanyanaya purse
From inventroy: Hair - Elika and Eaters Coma; jewelry (silver/black) welcomes gift from WTG( in corner of the shop); shorts- FAC

Bye bye, Nic

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