Wednesday, May 28, 2014

let the sparks fly for him and her

You see Nic in the hunt present from Wilson's Closet from the  Let The Sparks Fly Hunt. A hunt for males and females. I combined the set with relatively new shoes from BSD en the bamboo bag from BSD.
Mihaly helped me to show the male set from Wilson's Closet. Thanks Mihaly. He wears very good shoes from Hoorenbeek.
Hint: Go to the fifth floor near the fountain.
Brown set: Wilson's Closet - Wilson's Closet - Let the sparks fly for her (free)
On Mihaly: Brown set: Wilson's Closet - let the sparks fly for him (free)
Shoes: BSD - {{BSD Design studio}}Bonne Chance-yellow
Bag: BSD - {{BSD Design studio}}my bamboo bag-yellow

Bye bye, Nic

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