Saturday, May 10, 2014

the explorer isn't at home ofcourse

Nic is waiting for the man who lives in this home. It definitely is a man, who lives here. The home is full with men stuff. An explorer of the world it must be. Nic waited and finally left the home without seeing him. But she is still curious ofcourse.
Nic wears a new dress from LoQ. I know LoQ as a  hair shop. This dress you can find at the new round of The Dressing Room Fusion (TDRF). The dress is sleevesless. The cute crocodile bag is a must have for me. It is such a cute bag. You can buy it at the Chapter Four now.
The belted boots are from Ydea from the lucky chair. Thanks Dancer who gave them to me. It is a pity the chair changed already.
Nic wear's  hair from LaViere. It is the Fifty Linden Friday Item. You can still have it this day.

Dress: LoQ at TDRF - "LoQ" Orchid - Orange **WEAR**
Bag: David Heather at The Chapter Four - -David Heather-Kababagga Satchel/Sienna(Wear)
Hair: LaViere - -LaViere- Zoey/Muted Ombre (50ld)
Boots: Ydea -Ydea Boots Belty Brown
Clutch: Swallow at TDRF - Swallow safari Clutch Black and copper
From inventory: Hat - Xen's hats

Bye bye, Nic

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